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How do I order a wedding cake? You can contact us through our form to let know more about what you are interested in ordering.  Please note that the minimum order for custom cakes is $750.

How soon will I get a reply back about my inquiry? We try to get back to all our couples within 72 hours of their base inquiry so we can get the conversation started. However, during our busy season, we might take a bit longer to get back to you, especially if you send us information over the weekend or toward the end of the week when we are handling order pick ups.  If you are inquiring about a custom cake we will get back to you as soon as possible with more information so we can start working on ideas for your event.

Do you offer tastings? We do not do in person tasting but tasting boxes can be picked up for custom cake orders.
In order to schedule a tasting box pick up we like to first work up a quote for your potential order to ensure we are a good fit.  There is a $25 fee for tasting boxes.  We ask that you first select 2-3 cake flavors you would like to sample and then pick frostings and fillings(if desired) that you would like to sample with the selected cake flavors.

It can be challenging to book a tasting box last-minute (within 3 or so months of your wedding) and during the busy season.

What should I expect for my wedding cake tasting box? First off, look over our cake flavors and choose 2-3 flavors of cake, frosting, and fillings.

How far out should brides book their cakes & desserts services? We do only a very limited of weddings each season and receive over 700 inquiries each year. So, the best answer is to book early. Just like your venue and photographer, find the perfect cake artist is something best sorted early. Once we’ve opened a dialogue and gotten a deposit from our couples, we make sure you are on our calendar and that we don’t overbook to ensure that each of our couples receives our best. Our average booking is 6 months to a year out, so why wait, let’s get the conversation started now!

How do I pay for my wedding cake/desserts? For custom cake orders a deposit of 50% of your estimated order total is due at the time you place your order along with a signed contract. Please keep in mind that deposit payments are non refundable.  The remaining balance of your order is due 2 weeks before your event along with any adjustments in your order including changes to flavors, design or amounts due to your guest count.

Does the cake comes with fresh flowers like in the photos? No, those should be provided by your florist. We will include an extra bag of frosting with your order if you wish to have fresh flowers added to your cake.  Please let us know if you intend to do this so we can provide that for you.

Who put the fresh flowers on the wedding cake?
You or your florist is responsible for adding fresh flowers to the cake. Ask your florist and they should be able to help you.

Do you deliver? No, all Wedding Cake orders will need to be pick up from our studio.
Almost all venues or cabins have refrigeration so you can easily pick up and store them the day before your event or early on the day of your event.  If your venue lacks refrigeration and climate control please let us know along with some details about your timeline for the day so we can advise you about the best time to schedule your pick up.  

How do we pick up our cake order ?
Your cake and dessert order will be boxed up so you can easily transport it to your venue. You will pick up from our Luray VA cake studio. You can pick them up the day before or the day of your event depending on our studio schedule. Almost all Venues and Cabins have refrigeation so you can easily pick up and store them for your event.

Should the Cake be refrigerated at the venue after pick up?
Yes,  once you get to the venue, carefully place your wedding cake in a  refrigerator and make sure there is nothing in there that can damage the  cake. Let your cater know about your wedding cake and dessert and how  you would like to display them. Your cater or your own staff can put the  cake out during the appropriate time window based on your venue so your dessert doesn't sit out too long.  If your venue is all outdoor and it's a hot day you might want to  bring out your cake and dessert a bit closer to dessert time.

Do you rent out glassware for dessert ? No

Are any of your products gluten-free? No

Do you offer any vegan options? No

Do you travel out of state or for destination weddings? No

Do you ship wedding cake? No, we do not ship wedding cake. Shipping wedding cake and tasting boxes can get a bit messy and even spoil in warmer months and the last thing we want is for you to be unhappy or get sick by sampling dry or melted cake.  

Contactless Pick up
Please check your email for our studio address location

If you are running late for your pick up or have trouble finding it please give us a text

When picking up please use the open parking spot in front of the studio on mechanic street.  Please text when you arrive.  We will put your order on the table on the porch of the studio and give you a thumbs up when we are done and head back inside.  You can then exit your vehicle and load up your order.  If you have any questions while you are loading up please shoot us a text.  

Have recommendations about picking up.  When based on access to fridge and ac.  Car type ac roll for back seat
Straight to venue, fridge if early, out if right before start of event.  Keep out of sun
  • If you don’t have access to a refrigerator at your venue we recommend picking up closer to your reception start time, especially if your venue lacks climate control.   
  • Cakes will be packed securely in boxes and can be belted in to keep the box from moving during transport.  If your car seats slope down at the back we recommend rolling up a small towel and placing it in the dip to level out the surface.   Boxes can even be belted in to help secure them while driving.  The flat back area of an suv is a great place to secure your cake for transport as well.   We recommend picking a vehicle with good ac and tinted windows if possible.  Cakes will be refrigerated right until they are picked up so they will be firm and stable, keeping them in an air conditioned environment will keep them stable even for long rides.

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